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Learn Chinese Online with
This site offers basic survival Chinese lessons in the form of free online podcasts. There are Chinese lessons in mp3 format which you can download on your ipods and take along with you. Learn your first words and phrases in Chinese here. We use a simple study approach where we break down dialogues into useful phrases, vocabulary and grammar analysis. This can give a beginner Chinese learner his or her first useful words in Chinese to start communicating immediately. It is very possible to speak Chinese, do business in China without learning how to write a word of Chinese characters. We therefore focus on the communicative aspects of the language to give beginner learners a quick start. With a simple listen and speak language approach you will be confident with useful phrases. Also, since these files will also be available as mp3 downloads, you can listen repeatedly on your ipods and multimedia players and learn effortlessly. The following are some of our survival Chinese lessons:
  • Traveling - Learn how to talk about travel, call your travel agent
  • Shopping in Chinese - Learn how to go shopping in Chinese
  • Making phone calls in Chinese: Learn telephone Chinese
  • At the hotel : Learn how to check into a hotel
  • Post office : Learn to send letters at the post office in Chinese
  • Seeing a doctor : Talk to the doctor in Chinese
  • Shopping for clothes : Learn words related to clothes
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By breaking down the lessons into useful phrases, vocabulary and sentence structure analysis, experience has proven that most foreigners will learn enough to communicate with while in China. We have picked the most relevant expressions on every topics.


Chinese Culture and Living in China - What to know

Culture shock is a term that is easily available out there. Well, it basically refers to the feeling a traveler gets when s/he visits another place or country and finds that local customs are quite different from his or her area of origin. Culture shock comes in a number of stages depending on how long a visitor decides to live in a foreign country. Most foreign visitors to China admit experiencing at least some form of culture shock. As far as I know, the best way to enjoy your travel abroad is to have a certain amount of tolerance stored somewhere in your mind prior to arriving in a foreign country. With tolerance and keeping an open mind, your experience abroad will end up being more fun and a great learning process.Most foreign visitors, especially visitors from western cultures, will be greeted by several dissimilarities in culture from day one of arriving China. Even more so if they are not visiting those highly developed and westernized cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen and the Hong Kong semi-autonomous region. On this site we have provided you with basic cultural tips and life in China, to make your experience a rich and rewarding one when you visit the country, or are in the midst of Chinese. Business travelers will find this especially useful as cross-cultural communication plays an important role, more than ever in the global world of business and travel. As you probably know, China has replaced the west as the most popular travel and business destination of the 21st century. There has been a geometric increase in the number of students, businessmen, job seekers and tourists heading towards China. With the upcoming Beijing Olympic games in 2008, the number of visitors are expected to quadruple before and after the games.

Travel in China : Photos and Videos of famous places

We have a modest collection of photos and videos based on our travel experiences in China. Get a first hand view of life in China as we take you through a cool photo gallery and video footage of different places visited.

Learn English Online : For teachers and students of English

We are also developers of English learning materials . Visit our sites below and get resources for teaching and studying English:

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