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Chinese Culture and Living in China - What to know


China Travel

By Ross Brainbridge

China is situated in the south-eastern part of Eurasia and the eastern and central part of Asia. The region totals 9.6 million square kilometers. From bustling metropolises to the grasslands of Inner Mongolia, China is characterized by a diversified culture. Whether you are following the Silk Road, sailing down the Yangzi River, or exploring the Dr. Seuss landscape of Guangxi Province, the cultural feast is its chief draw. However, standard tourist sights like The Great Wall, Forbidden City, and Terracotta Army are relatively few, considering the size of the country. Read Full Article>>>


Is A Trip To China Worth It?

By Lola Adewoyin

You may ask yourself over and over again, “Is a trip to China worth it?” Well, I have the answers for you. China is a big country with a long history and unique culture; it is one of the most beautiful countries endowed with wonderful and natural sceneries which attract tourists every time of the year. A tour to China can be an educational tour, recreational tour, adventure tour, cultural tour or a religious tour. This depends on your preference and your length of stay, however whichever tour you decide to take, the trip is always worth it.Read Full Article>>>

Chinese Food

By Marci Crane

Chinese food now holds a popular place among the entire population of the world. You can find a Chinese restaurant in every major city and in many smaller areas of the world as well. Why is Chinese food so popular? Is Chinese food healthy? What is the history of Chinese food?Read Full Article>>>

Climate of China

Sunil Tanna

China has a climate that varies greatly between the country's different regions. In coastal areas, the climate can broadly be divided into northern, central and southern zones: Read Full Article>>>

Chinese Channels on Satellite TV

By Toan Dam

Watching Chinese televisions can be a great way to learn Chinese as well as retain the Chinese that you've already learned. From the news to family sit-coms, Chinese channels can help people from novice to advanced level in developing greater proficiencies in reading, speaking, and listening.Read Full Article>>>

Chinese Massage Rubs You the Right Way

By Peter Braden

Veteran China business travelers know that after a hard day of negotiations, there’s better no cure for stress and aches than a vigorous massage. There’s really nothing like sipping tea while having your joints kneaded and pulled by an old blind man or a muscular lady from Sichuan. At rates of about 10 cents per minute, a massage is a lovely, affordable way to spend an hour.Read Full Article>>>

Products Produced In China

By Alan Solarsh

I just came back from China, looking for products from china, was my mission. I also wanted the price to be ridiculously cheap, and it all fell in to my lap. I found new products , at very affordable prices.Read Full Article>>>

Why Chinese Herbs Are Gaining in Popularity

By Andre Caxton 

These days modern medicine seems to be mainly used only to keep doctors employed and doing their job. It is certainly not always for the benefits that it has on the body, as more and more people continue to turn to “alternative medicines” in order to get better. The trouble is, chemical medications often have harmful side effects on the body and that is partly why many people do choose to switch to healthier treatments wherever possible. Another problem however, seems to be that people think pharmaceutical companies are exploiting everyday people during drug trials.Read Full Article>>>

Negotiating With the Chinese - Enter the Dragon

By Gregor King

It seems obvious, that faced with the prospect of upcoming negotiations with a Chinese company, the foreign company, would undertake some form of specialized preparation and understanding of at least the rudimentary cultural differences of their negotiating counterpart.Read Full Article>>>



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