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Chinese Massage Rubs You the Right Way

By Peter Braden

Veteran China business travelers know that after a hard day of negotiations, there’s better no cure for stress and aches than a vigorous massage. There’s really nothing like sipping tea while having your joints kneaded and pulled by an old blind man or a muscular lady from Sichuan. At rates of about 10 cents per minute, a massage is a lovely, affordable way to spend an hour.

Most parlors offer standard foot massages where your feet are first soaked and then firmly pressed and massaged. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this treatment is good for your overall health. Even if you don’t believe in that sort of thing, it still feels great. If you feel lavish, an oil massage is divine. Or try “cupping,” an exotic treatment that supposedly pulls contaminants out of your body with heat-induced vacuum.

Here’s the obligatory disclaimer: media reports of Western sex tourists in Asia have given massage a slightly seedy reputation. While there are definitely some shady characters who have ulterior motives, the majority of massage parlors in China are on the up-and-up. It’s usually easy to tell which parlors are above-board. If there are a half-dozen girls crowded onto a sofa in a snug, red-lit room, just keep on walking. Before long you’ll come to a legitimate establishment.

Many expats are addicted to massage, and get one at least once a week. After you experience the comfort, relaxation, and affordability of a Chinese massage, you’ll understand why.

Peter Braden,
Marketing Specialist,

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