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Lesson Podcast - Shopping for Clothes

In this lesson, you will learn basic vocabulary and expressions related to shopping for clothes. You will learn how to buy a jacket in Chinese. You will also learn words related to clothes and colours. There will be an introduction to the lesson, a dialogue, followed by translation and useful words and expressions to remember. The other lessons in the jukebox will follow. Click to choose a topic to learn if you like.You can start listening by clicking on the jukebox player.

Lesson- Shopping Lesson- Clothes


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Basic Beginner Chinese Lessons- First words in Chinese

  1. Greeting & Meeting People in Mandarin Chinese & Jobs vocabulary
  2. Where are you from? & Names of Countries vocabulay
  3. Expressing Thanks and Apologies in Chinese
  4. Numbers-count in Chinese - Easy- Number Vocabulary Lesson & how to build more words using numbers as prefixes and suffixes.
  5. Talking about family and jobs & Occupation in Chinese

Elementary & Survival Chinese Lessons

  1. At the hotel : This lesson contains the following parts:
  2. Shopping for clothes- Learn how to go shopping for clothes in this podcast
  3. Making phone calls in Chinese: Learn telephone Chinese
  4. Post office Chinese lesson podcast: Learn how to send and receive things at the post office
  5. Seeing a doctor : Learn how to talk about your health problems to a doctor
  6. Going Places: Learn words related to traveling
  7. Going to the bank : You will learn the following:
  8. Eating out - At the restaurant : In this this podcast lesson you will learn the following:


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