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Since 1965 EF English First has been a leader and innovator in the language acquisition market. EF currently employs some 27000 individuals around the world in their quest to offer quality teaching and learning experiences to people all over the world. Teachers for EF English First are highly dynamic, motivated, responsible, and passionate about teaching. We have found that this combination of attributes leads to the best learning environment available to both our teachers and students.

EF is looking to fill ESL teacher vacancies in Asia. Teach English as a foreign language in either China, Indonesia or Russia at one of our many locations. If you have experience being an ESL teacher or simply are looking for that first ESL teaching position, you should feel confident in choosing EF as your employer. Confident that we can provide you with a safe and satisfying experience to fulfill your TEFL dreams.

Teaching English abroad is never a dull experience when you join the EF team. Beyond the classroom, EF teachers have a rich social life including fun and cultural activities. Our Teachers Life Club makes meeting new people and experiencing new activities an ongoing process. They assist with your transition into the new country, help you get accustomed to your new life, and plan events for you and your friends as the year goes on. 

EF offers English learning to individuals at all stages in life. This means that those who become EF teachers will have the opportunity to teach either adults or children depending on your preferences. Many of our teachers remain with us for so long because of the wide variety of teaching positions available within our organization. After completing a contract in one location, many teachers choose to relocate to another EF location. For example, an ESL teacher in China who spent one year teaching in Shanghai may choose to relocate and teach for EF in Beijing. Other teachers may choose to stay in the same location but switch the age group they teach.


Have all the info you need to apply? Want more information about EF? Please visit our page devoted to teaching abroad FAQ.

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Learn Chinese online by listening to podcasts. Learn your first words in conversational Chinese. We have tried to prepare lessons according to traveler needs. These survival Chinese lessons were built, based on most foreigners' learning experience.


China Photos & Videos

Discover China in full color. You know what they about pictures telling a thousand words. Here is your chance to quickly look at our collection of travel photos & Videos. Explore China in full color.

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Get news and information of big events in China. So what's happening in China? Start with Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and more here>>>

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To make it easier for you to learn Chinese we have made it possible for you to freely download the mp3 lessons for listening on ipods and mp3 players. We also have pdf study guide to go with each lesson. Visit the mp3 downloads here>>>


Travel in China

The cheapest way to travel around around China is to join package tours. However, if you have a bit more cash to spend, then you can get an agent to arrange that for you. Here are leads to some agencies that organize tours around China>>>

Foreign Community

There is an ever-increasing foreign community in China, made of business persons, students, foreign expats and more. Here you can find links to embassies and where to find people like you in China. We have embassy directories, phone numbers and more. We also have a list of websites set up by foreigners living in China. Check it out>>>


It common knowledge that culture plays an important role in human relations. This is true of cross-cultural relations in China. There is always a Chinese way of doing things which can be traced back to some story or past event in Chinese history. When you understand this, can you have an easier life & business in China. Don't expect China to be "Just like home." Check out articles, tips and experiences of other foreigners who have understood and lived with this culture>>>


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